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How To Use Social Network Sites For Link Building!

Social media is the next big thing to target after Search Engines for traffic and backlinks. Social networking has become a a very effective method of promotion and you can run very effective link building campaign there and can build some high quality back links for your website or blog.

Now before going to the exact trick some stiff about social networking sites…

Social Networking sites are basically the community sites that that you can join and then search for people within the community with similar interests as you. Majority of these people has there own websites or blog running. Some social networking sites are very small and focused, so by definition the people who join such sites are already members of a tightly focused interest group. Such a group might be brought together by their political or religious beliefs, or it could be something such as their hobbies (they love Ford Mustangs or makingcheesecake) sports or basically anything else that mankind has found it possible to be interested in! So, in such a tightly focused group, almost all members without exception will be interested in the one common thing. However, there are many other community sites where the only real common interest that most of the members could possibly ever have with one another is that they are all, in fact, members of the same site!

This is simply a function of the size and therefore the diversity of the sites in question, with websites like MySpace and FaceBook having literally millions of members all over the globe. (107 and 73 million members respectively) Such sites generally have a totally open membership, meaning that anyone can become a member, no matter what their hobbies, beliefs, or views are. Thus, there is no general community wide commonality of beliefs or interests either. It is therefore only natural that once you are a member, inside this online community, you can begin to create your own network of friends, those that do
have similar interest and/or beliefs to those of your own. And this is where it gets interesting for you as an Internet marketer or online business person.

Firstly, if we use MySpace as our example, then you are looking at one of the ten biggest websites in the world. Whatever your interests, given so many millions of members, then there will inevitably be others that have similar interests, people that you could potentially ‘bond’ with immediately. For example, a MySpace search using the phrase ‘traffic generation’ returned 5,650 results. So that is over five and a half thousand people who might be interested in your traffic blog site from a direct ‘match’ of my search term to the specific subject topic of my blog site. However, run a search for a more generic (and broader) term like Internet marketing, and you get 45,400 results. Now, it is a very reasonable assumption that anyone who is interested in Internet marketing is trying to sell something on the net, and that they therefore need traffic to their website. So, of course, these people would be legitimate ‘target prospects’ for what I am trying to promote also. Take it one stage further and use single word search ‘marketing’ and it returns 549,000 results. Again, it is reasonable to assume that all of these people are at least interested in bringing their products or services to the marketplace, so, once again, traffic generation could be of immense interest to them. So, all I need to do is to tell them about the great resource that I have available, and that will be the ‘deal done’ right? Err, no, not really, unless the ‘deal’ that you are talking about is having your MySpace ‘space’ and account closed down immediately! The thing is that the folks who run MySpace really do not want their ‘community site’ turning into a commercial free-for-all, a sort of online bazaar, and they will go to any lengths to protect their site.

So, you cannot just open your account one day and start bombarding people with your commercial messages or asking them for backlinks. In the same way that, when you join any quality forum site, you have to establish yourself as a valid contributing member before you can start promoting your products or even adding a signature file with a redirect to your website you must establish yourself on community websites too. So, the first thing that you must do is to take some time and make an effort to create a proper profile or more specifically an active presence, something that shows that there is a real person behind the newly opened account. Then, you must start looking for ‘friends’ in the MySpace community, but you must do so gradually, as you are limited to so many friend invitations a day and, even if you weren’t, inviting a thousand new friends a day hardly looks natural or normal, does it?

So, start to become a real member of the community before you start promoting, is the bottom line. Sure, by all means begin to invite people to be your friends, but do try to spend a little time getting to know them and building up a relationship before trying to interest them in your business. Now, the great thing about a blog site is that it is pretty natural that, after you have been someone’s ‘friend’ for a while, that you might invite them to take a look at your blog or do some link exchange or even give your site a backlink from there site for just being friends.

That is far less threatening and direct than asking them to look at a ‘full-on’ sales page, for example. Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter what community site you are a member of, the secret is go gently and slowly, build relationships and try to nurture something at least vaguely like a ‘real’ friendship before trying to get people to visit your business themed blog site. And, just in case MySpace and FaceBook, with a combined membership of 200 million members are not enough to keep you busy, here and here are lists of many more such sites!

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Six Steps Formula For A Guaranteed Quality Article!

Article submission is still a biggest source of link building. Publish it on your blog, submit it in article publisher directories or use it in Guest writing, it is still a major way of build links. But only an article isn’t enough for building links, but a quality article is required. If you wonder that why the article you submitted in article directories isn’t deriving the required results, its cause the article isn’t good enough to catch bloggers/webmasters attention to republish it on there websites/blogs or to talk bout it on there blogs and websites. Writing an article is an art itself. So how can you make a good, quality article that’s not only increase your readership but also helps you in gaining effective backlinks.

effective article writing

To make a quality and effective piece of article you should consider the following factors or tips on article writing.

1. Targeted Keywords
2. Useful/Informative content
3. Keyword Density
4. Catchy Title
5. Resource Box
6. Distribution

1. Targeted Keywords
Before start writing you should know about what keywords you will be targeting in your article. This is the most important step as if you don’t chose the right keyword in the beginning, then it will undermine everything else you do afterward. Why so much emphasize on keyword?

Most of your targeted readers will find your article by performing a search in one of the search engines. They will search for the keyword or words that make the most sense to them when they are looking for information. And remember that most of the searchers are looking for the information rather than direct products. So your article should give useful info about the use or effectiveness of your products instead of introduction of your product.

2. Useful/Informative Content
An average searcher is estimated to give 8 to 10 seconds each page he visited. This means that he only scans an article and if something seems interesting to him, then he may decide to actually read the whole content. So instead of appraising yourself and your product, start with uses, benefits or needs of the products. Always promote your products at the end of the article or max in the mid of the article. You have to related the information with your product. You can write about the problem that your product or service is claiming to solve and in the end present them with the solution. But always ensure them int he begining that the problem is gonna be solve now. Always include Call to action after the solution.

3. Keyword Density
Though we agree that keywords are vital for any article’s success but that doesn’t mean that you start putting every keyword in the article r start every line of your article with a keyword. Write naturally than replace the related words with your keywords. Don’t stuff the keywords or it takes only a single click to close that annoying article.

4. Catchy Title
Title of your article plays a major role in a user decision to read it or not as its the title where it all starts.
Instead of putting 10 list or 10 ways, try to answer just one simple question from a readers perspective, What’s in it for me?

If your title answers the question of a reader s/he may read it till end but if not than s/he even don’t care to click on it. Make it enough catchy to get teh people click on it.

5. Resource Box
Resource box consist of three or four lines that goes right at the end of your article and provides some information about either you or your business. If you are doing guest writing its the best palce to include your call to action. You can promise solution to some problem or brand yourself too. Always include your website address in the resource box. DON’T appraise yourself and your greatness here.

6. Distribution
Now, you have completed your article consider all above points, Its time to publish it. Your first stop should be article directories or free article directories. A lot of people/bloggers/webmasters use them to get the articles on daily basis as per there needs. You can search for guest writing blogs in your niche and send them the article. Search for newsletter that publish in your related industry. There are lot of ezine publishers out there. You can ask them to publish your article.

If you follow this six step article formula, you can too make a “Gone Hot” article :)

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Social Media - A Must Step In Linkbuilding!

Working on the social media side of SEO isn’t as easy as it seems, and should not be used merely to get links. Firstly, it is very time consuming and secondly there is a certain way to go about it. Spamming forums or blog comment boxes with “I agree!” type comments isn’t exactly giving you or your company a good reputation, nor will it earn you any traffic.

Social media sites put you in touch with people of similar interests. You are able to create groups that you can send updates to, network with other members and on some sites post articles that the members of the groups may find interesting. Some examples are LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

The thing to remember with social media is that pretending to be involved isn’t enough to earn you the traffic you need. If you are interested, people will be interested in you - show them your interest. Let your audience know that you have opinions and knowledge to share, or questions to ask. As Social media site are called social for a good reason. This is a place for people from all over the world find and connect with other people with same interests and hobbies, and form groups online, build friendships, have new relationships and share their favorites interests and ideas.

It was only natural for these people to start and use these groups, friendships and new relationships for their businesses. When you have online friends, you can reach a larger crowd of people, all are potential customers, and this is how the social media marketing or social networking was born.

So how easy it is to use the social bookmarking for internet marketing purpose?

Step 1 - Join some of the leading social media platforms. Websites such as Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon and more are very popular social media sites. Bookmarking a page in those site and some other sites can be indexed very quickly by the search engines, this is very good if you want to drive traffic to your website, free and let the search engines notice you.

This tactic is very good, When you need to drive traffic to a new website and have no money to invest in advertising.

Step 2 - Complete you profile. If you want to promote your internet home business using social media sites and social networking, try to give as much details as you can. When you are online do not hide behind a screen name, if you are here for business let the people know a little about you, sign in with your real name, write a few detail about yourself and on your home business. At the end give a link back to you website and a few of your mostly recommended products.

Step 3 - After finishing your profile is time to socialize. Social marketing is all about making friends, finding people with the same interests as yours, joining groups and building relationships. These friends are important for your business and they will help you in time to promote your home business, but you will have to help them too. You will find a lot of webmasters and bloggers working in some related niche to your site. you may start link building by asking them to place your website link on them.

Step 4 - Now it is time to start the social networking. Social bookmarking is the word. You bookmark you website or blog, and you let people know about it. You also have to bookmark other people websites and blogs, and vote for your friend’s bookmarks.

When in social media marketing you need to give to others if you want them to give back to you, this is when you get the best results.

Step 5 - Ask your friends to vote for your favorite links and offer to do the same for them. From here the traffic to your website will only grow and you get it all for free.

If you join the top leading social media sites, you will get more traffic, as the website popularity grow you will get more votes, your bookmark get indexed faster and this is also counts as a backlink from some of those sites. Plus you will surely get some related websites which definitely helps you in your link building campaign. There are many auotmated social media softwares out there but its wise not ot use them as sooner or later, as you will get banned.

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