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Link Popularity

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5 Ways To Get Instant Links With Minimal Efforts!

Why backlinks is the important factor for any online business? It’s because links, ultimately, are what your potential visitor will click on so that they will be brought to your web pages. If your website appears in search engine results, it will appear in the form of a link. If your website is advertised in other online venues, it will also appear in the form of a link. Though there are several ways to get backlinks involving advance to basics link building techniques, but here are some ways from which you can instantly get backlinks with minimal efforts

Here are some proven ways that will allow you to score some quality back links for your website.

Article Marketing
The best back linking strategy, as many Internet marketers will attest to, is article marketing. This involves writing an article relevant to the subject catered to by your website and submitting it to the article directories, ezines or newsletter publisher websites on the World Wide Web.

Forum Marketing
Though its still a controversial technique but you may be amazed to hear that many of the online business or we cay say many of the online small business owners termed it as the most effective technique for gaining websites as well as backlinks for there website. Its an excellent strategy to get some back links. This involves the use of your signature box to display your link and the active participation in forums related to the subject of your website.

Yahoo Answers
Yahoo Answers is a service that allows any registered Yahoo member to ask a question or to answer a question. It is important to note that the pages
created by Yahoo Answers queries appear very prominently in relevant search engine inquiries. The best thing about Yahoo Answers is that it provides a forum where anyone can give answer pertaining to the question that has been asked. This means that you can search for questions that are relevant to the subject of your business, post a useful comment, and include a link to your website. Every time an online user stumbles onto the well-positioned Yahoo Answers page, your link will appear and you’ll have a greater chance of winning more visitors. This back linking strategy is fast and amazingly effective! To read more about Yahoo Answer Backlinks Strategy in detail read here. Yahoo Answer’s Backlinks Strategy

Blogging And Blogs
You don’t always have to find back links on your website. Sometimes, you can actually make websites that can become your own link vaults. The easiest way to do this is through weblogs, or blogs. Search engines love blogs. And it’s quite easy to rank a blog in SERP’s. Blogs are also very easy to update, as all you have to do is write your entries and click a button to publish them. Most of all, you can do this by using free blogs. You can open an account at blogspot or With your blog entries, you can strategically insert links into your website by writing reviews and/or recommendations that should be primarily informative in nature. Blogs also have their own network so you will be able to expose your website’s links to an entirely new audience. In the coming post we will discuss about how to get full advantage of this technique.

Writing Testimonials
Testimonials and other third party recommendations are essential for any online business. Sales pages that contain testimonials generally have a higher conversion rate than sales pages devoid of the same. You can use this need to your advantage by writing testimonials for other Internet marketers. By way of practice, the marketers who receive your testimonials will include your name and a link to your website below the said testimonials they publish. This will benefit both parties. Your name and your website’s link will add credence to the testimonials you have written and that are displayed to sell other marketers’ products. And
the inclusion of your website’s link will fetch for you some fresh traffic that will be advantageous for your online business. This method can bring in loads of traffic that will only mean good news for your business.

These are some of the methods via which you can quickly gain some backlinks with minimal efforts. So now stop reading and start working :)

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Yahoo Answers And Link Building!

I am sure that all of you have visited or used Yahoo Answers once at the time of reading this article. Lets start with some history of Yahoo Answers.

yahoo answer logo

Yahoo! Answers is a community driven knowledge based website launched by Yahoo! on December 13, 2005. Yahoo Answers allows users to submit questions to be answered and answer questions asked by other users. For every answer the members earn points which increase there Expertise level. Each level requires a specific number of points.

Level - Points
1. 1–249
2. 250–999
3. 1,000–2,499
4. 2,500–4,999
5. 5,000–9,999
6. 10,000–24,999
7. 25,000+

Yahoo! Answers has become the second most popular Internet reference site after Wikipedia, according to Comscore.

Yahoo! Answers is basically a community driven question and answer site where people ask questions and answer the other people questions. So how come this is related to link building? Well it is!

I bet that every single person who has used Search Engine come across a result with Yahoo answer in SERPS. And its not co-incidence or once in a hundred case. We continuously see Yahoo answers popping up in Google SERP’s especially for the three worded queries. Moreover as people are now using more smart queries like how to and where to, the usefulness and importance of Yahoo Answers doubles.


Lets make this thing clear…Yahoo Answer not only helps you in getting targeted visitors but also increase the indexing and ranking of your website.


As you can see many categories on Yahoo Answer, one of them is definitely addresses your website niche/subject or at least relate to your website topic. What you have to do is answer the questions in the specific category that relates or match with your website topic or subject. But how? Here is the step by step procedure to take the maximum benefit of Yahoo Answers Service.

1. Get a yahoo id. Make your profile. Set your screen name.
2. Now Go to Advance Option.


3. Enter your keyword. Select the Search for keyword in Questions option. Then select the open questions option. Press search.


Now you will be presented with all the questions that are still opened for answers and contains the word you searched. Answer the questions and for reference put wikipedia site and your website. You can also put some non-competitor sites. Don’t forget to add the http:// with your website as it makes your link clickable.

Now the link from Yahoo Answer is no follow but still its a link from Yahoo which has its own value. Moreover the No follow tag is just for stopping Google PageRank flow but not ranking or indexing.

Use the service wisely and you will be amazed with the results.

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Blog Commenting And Backlinks!

Blog comment publishing is highly effective marketing technique and not offered by many marketing companies. This method of marketing can be a very successful way to let the public know about your business, create back links to your website, and generate more traffic.

Blog comment publishing is a relatively new marketing concept. Blogs are one of the newest ways to communicate online and focuses on communication, networking, and the movement of ideas online. Blog comment publishing allows web users to post their comments directly to blogs so that readers will see them, and allows people to connect with others virtually and gives them a sense of ownership. Blogging is one of the most popular online activities today.

Having realized the potential of blog commenting as a marketing strategy, you will know which blogs are the best to post information about your website on and to let everyone know about your website. Because you cannot use word of mouth or business cards that only targets the local community you live in to advertise an online business, you need the power of a marketing strategy that reaches a global market. Blog comment publishing allows the entire world to know about your website and it will generate buzz in the appropriate communities. The amount of readers who frequent blogs is astounding and commenting on the right ones will help drive traffic to your site.

When you run a blog comment publishing marketing campaign for your clients, you post links inside of strategically placed blog comments back to your company website. This allows readers to click on the link in the comment they read and go directly to your site. These back links also provide credibility to search engines that use the amount of back links a site has to help rank the site. As many of the blog platforms today has implemented the No Follow tag(which itself is useless), you should comment on only do follow blogs which will build backlinks to your website.

You should also use blog comment publishing to create hype around your website which is a great way to drive traffic. They are able to create excitement about the products or services offered by your company through the comments they post. They focus on the things that make your website stand out from the rest and give readers a reason to visit your site. They make readers want to find out what your business is all about through carefully written and placed comments.

The purpose of blog comment publishing is to generate more amount of traffic to a website through back links. When a website uses blog comment publishing they will receive more traffic and a higher search engine ranking. The traffic you will receive through this service will also be targeted to your products having come from blogs that relate to your website.

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What And How Of Press Releases!

There are several factors involved in the optimizing and improving the web sites ranking in the search engines. And the back bone of them is link building. With every day changing web trends, Search Engine marketers exploring new and unique ways for link building and press release submission is found to be the one most vital tool. But then almost all web sites and business concerns send out their press release all the time and how can you actually stand out from the tough competition and make people and customers read your press releases? Before going into the details on how to promote the press release  or how to write a proper optimized press release, let us first discuss what a press release is and how it is useful for search engine marketing.

A press release is nothing but an announcement or information about the launch or release of a new product or service. The announcement is made through the news media or other publications depending on the product and the audience targeted. It is a public announcement targeted as to the how, why, when and for what the product or services is introduced. Press releases take the product and makes it public and thus strikes awareness among people about the product. Thus it serves as a great marketing tool. The most important aim and focus of the press release is to gain the creditability of the public.

No doubt there are several sample press release templates out there and you can find hundreds and thousands of example/sample of press releases but how can we term something as a perfect press release format? Generally people seeing the hyped up advertisements whose sole aim is to talk all good things only about the product adhere from it or keep off from it as they lose trust and believe it to be a hoofed product. Whereas press release are written from the third party view and hence does not over expose the creditability of the product nor speak negatively of it. Taking a common stand these press releases are released and it most relevant like a product review. So people like reading press releases to update their knowledge on a particular product, service or a company. And if they found it helpful, they even post it on there website as a news, mentioning the concerned website and hence giving you a juicy backlink.

A well drafted press release can therefore serves as a great link building tool as well as expose the business concern and its products and services to the masses at the same time. This in fact affects the sales and it increases by leaps and bounds and most of gain helps to gain a trust and creditability among the people and customers. Thus press release submission can benefit any business organization and helps in its popularity among the public. In order to get maximum benefit the press release should be very well drafted by a professional.

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Link Exchanges And Link Building

Link exchange is where you can feature other websites links on your own website and in exchange, the partners will display your web site hyperlink on their web pages. Link exchange has been practiced for a very long time by website owners and link exchange is now used by almost every site on the web big or small in order to improve rankings. Link exchange has certainly evolved a lot since internet marketing started, however one continuous factor is that Link Exchange was and still is one of the best ways of ranking your site or page higher on the search engines.

What are the benefits of link exchange? Well link exchange has been and still is a major part of internet marketing with the main benefit of link exchange being that it is one of the pivotal factors in improving placements in search engines. The major evidence for this statement is existence of so many link exchange directory and link exchange programs. Link exchange is the easiest way to improve your website link popularity, and by doing so, to achieve better search engine positioning and increase your traffic. If done properly Link exchange is a very effective and inexpensive approach of gaining popularity and prosperity on the web. As has been proven over many years now link exchange is the most auspicious way for increasing your visitor traffic without paying any money for advertising. In addition link exchange is one of the most effective ways to increase website ranking, measured for example by Google page rank, therefore increasing traffic to your site.

Due to the domination of the search engine market by Google, and its underlying page rank technology, sites are deemed to be more important if they have large numbers of inbound links. However it is important to point out that if a lot of bad quality and irrelevant sites are linking to you, and your site is linking to them, Google may penalize your site for being irresponsible for your website content. Search engines such as Google use a special link analysis system to rank web pages. For example, try to grab top position in Google for ‘investment’ or ‘traffic’ or ‘diet’ without a high page rank and you will quickly find you have virtually no chance. Ultimately page rank is like trust rank for Google as well as for webmasters therefore I fail to understand why some people will not learn that they just can’t fool Google with their stupid tricks.

Link exchanging can expose your website to Internet users on a worldwide basis as link exchanging is one of the best methods of getting exposure to your site on a limited or zero budgets. Increased and targeted traffic can definitely be achieved by utilizing effective and relevant link exchange to attract larger, quality and targeted traffic for your web site. Websites with large exposure to the online market receive thousands of visitors a day, having a text link pointing to your site from one of these sites in a key area can filter huge volumes of traffic to your website. As we all know and have experienced the success of every web business lies in its traffic doesn’t it. One thing to consider is that there are several automatic link exchange softwares for windows, but the best way to do link exchange is to do it manually.

Link exchange is or should be a crucially important strategy for every internet business owner, as by using positive and relevant link exchange will prove to be the most accessible way to improve your web sites link popularity. By doing so, you will also achieve much better search engine positioning and increase your web sites traffic. Link exchange is also one of the most important steps in link building, making link exchange an absolute must do for good rankings in search engines.

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Forums, Spam And Linkbuilding!

LinkBuilding is an ongoing process and one can’t say that hey its time to stop my link building campaign. In the end, it’s these backlinks that make your site and you popular in your niche as well as on the internet. Beside article submissions, directory submissions there are several different ways to build links for your website. Forum’s participating is one of them.

Many SEO’s may argue that hey this is Pure Spam now, but hey what is the definition of spam? Let’s ask Mr. Wikipedia. According to Mr. Wikipedia

Spam is the abuse of electronic messaging systems to indiscriminately send unsolicited bulk messages.

More precisely Forum Spam is “the posting of advertisements, abusive, or unneeded messages on Internet forums. It is generally posted by automated spambots.”

So for instance assume that some one is asking in a forum about how to build links and you answer him and put this blog link as a resource in your answer. Is it spam?

Not at all! If you are giving the related answer as well as a related resource in answer to some question, than the person asking the question would be thankful to you instead of cursing you for spam.

Such links are highly valuable to your site as they are bringing a quality visitor to your website. Moreover when other people seeking the same question come to that forum post and see the answer they too will be moving to your website.

For example one renowned SEO blog often use forum thread as there posts, which result in people referring that specific post in there answers on that forum post.

Spamming the forums do no good to you and your website as first of all, the moderators delete the spammy post once they detects it, second this will leave a negative impression of your website on people’s mind.

So use this highly effective link building tip in a careful manner and you will be a happy webmaster counting the increment in your loyal readers.

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Article Submission, LinkBuilding & Big Fishes Of SEO!

Search Engine Optimization is not just submitting to major search engines and looking for traffic to come. You have to get in top rankings in SERP’s (Search Engine Results Page) on the related keywords for your website. To get these top rankings, you need to build backlinks or in other terms you have to do link building.

Article submission is one of the most popular ways of website promotion and link building today. It is an excellent way to brand yourself and your website with very little, if any cost involved. Article submission is a great tactic and the rewards can be plentiful, it is is a key aspect in search engine optimization and neglecting this means voluntarily saying goodbye to untapped, traffic, opportunities and resources.

No doubt many of the today’s big fishes of SEO Industry termed Article submission as a no-no seo technique due to the efforts you have to make in building original and unique content then submitting it to online article publishers. But we all can see clearly that they did and still doing the same by writing guests articles on different blogs and websites. So isn’t this a little unfair to stop people doing what they are doing?

The SEO advantage in article submission is that the search engines give far more weightage to unique content and the links embedded in the content. Therefore article submission will have several positive effects on your website.

We all know that original content is what the web and the major search engines are screaming out for. An experienced SEO knows the power of original, unique content and therefore that is why they deliver it to the search engines by the truck full. That is why they can truly call themselves Search Engine Optimizers.

Getting the unique content distributed online so that your website and links can be seen by a greater audience is vital in Search Engine Optimization. The article itself will create content for the back link that is relevant to your website, as all of the top search engines love good content, article submission can be a very effective and much better way to improve the search engine ranking and link popularity of your website than just about any other method currently available.

You will get your article published all over the web when you submit it to article publishers or to those online article submission services that has a free content directory on their web site. For especially large or successful portals, you might even offer to produce unique content for their portals in exchange for the publicity, rather than simply offering articles you have previously run in your own portal. Your articles are then potentially published on thousands of article sites where webmasters or bloggers seeking free content pick up the articles and publish them on their blogs and niche sites.

In essence article submission is the only free way to promote your website on multiple desired keywords and produces real results almost immediately. Thankfully article submission is still a white-hat, ethical technique used by Search Engine optimizers to gain new one way links and help promote their website or specific link urls. Oh Yes! we can do it in an old fashioned black hat way, too

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Web directories And One Way Link Building!

According to Wikipedia

A web directory is a directory of websites on the World Wide Web. It specializes in linking to other web sites and categorizing those links.

A web directory is not a search engine and does not display lists of web sites based on keywords; instead, it lists web sites by category and subcategory. The categorization is usually based on the whole web site rather than one page or a set of keywords, and sites are often limited to inclusion in only a few categories. Web directories often allow site owners to directly submit their site for inclusion, and have editors review submissions for fitness.

Web directory submissions is one of the most popular way of free link building and getting one way links. Webmasters are always in search of the high quality web directories and free web directories. All the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Msn has there own web directories and listings in these directories are free as well as paid. These directories can be found here

Google Directory
Yahoo Directory
Msn Directory

We can categorize the web directories in two primary types.

  • Human Edited Web directories
  • Automated Web Directories

Human Edited Web directories:

A human edited web directory is maintained by a human. All the websites are added after the editor personally review’s them. They mostly are paid but there are some free ones too.

Automated Web Directories

These are the directories which are maintained by automated software. On submission they look for the defined values and if a website agrees to those values, they list it instantly. These can be free as well as paid listed directories.

We can also majorly categorized the website directories in three types.

Local Web Directories
Local web directory is a directory which shares the same top level domain extension as the submitted sites. Lets say you have website whose TLD Extension is then all the web directories having TLD Extensions are the local web directories for your website.

Niche web Directories
These are the web directories that list only the specific subject or industry related websites like directories for web designers lists only the web design related websites.

General Web Directory
These are the normal web directories with no restriction of industry or country

Web directory Submission is the first step of Off Page SEO for any website. Submission in web directories is an on going process for some SEO’s whereas some SEO’s suggests that submission in big and major directories are enough for a website. Beside free web directories there are countless Paid web directories which claim to be a little more seo friendly and authoritative in comparison to free directories and they ensure fast approval.

When Submitting to web directories, follow the below points and you will get maximum results of your submissions.

  • Don’t start submission in every single directory you find. Make some standard for instance start with the web directories that has high Google PageRank.
  • When submitting into web directories, submit your website in the most related category. This will increase the chances of approval.
  • Use the Category words in your Title and Description. Lets say if you are submitting your website in Pets categories, the title should contain word PET in it.
  • Analyze the other existing websites in the related category and see what they use in there title and description.
  • Using the email id on your domain increases the chance of approval, though its not necessary in most of the cases.
  • Don’t use software’s. Do it manually.
  • Avoid directories which aren’t listed in Search Engines, as they may be penalized or banned.
  • Use different Titles as well as descriptions.
  • Conclusively, the answers of the question that Is Directory Submission worth it is yes it does.
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Link Popularity, Link Spamming And Link Building

An active and ongoing link building campaign should be part of every website’s SEO strategy. Why? Cause you are not the only person doing that business on the internet. There are thousands of people on the web doing exactly the same business like yours. Sure, you don’t have to continue looking for sites to request links from, but you should spend your time on link building once the site development and designing phase get finished. It is just as important as indexing your site in the engines and maybe more as the engines will find you if you’re well linked to but may drop you from there index if you’re not.

What Is Link Popularity?

Link popularity or link popularity building is a general term which means that how many other websites are linking to yours. But this is not it. They move forward by looking what type of content those sites contain even that how many sites link to them i.e. their self link popularity and what was the anchor text in their link to your site says.

Search Engines score your website based on this information. Sure there is a lot that come into consideration when Search Engine ranks some website but the important thing to remember here is that it’s not the quantity of inbound links but the quality of the websites linking to you, and how relevant they are to your website. There are thousand of those premium link directories out there that can boost your link popularity.

What is link spamming?

Link spamming is a process to artificially inflate or increase your link popularity. There are a variety of ways to do this. For example those highly visible link farms, where hundreds of websites have the same links page on which they all, regardless of their site’s content, link to each other to web logging to creating loads of mini websites just for the purpose of linking them to your main website.

But remember that Search Engines are now able to discover this and can penalize or ban websites for using these methods. If you secure inbound links on informative sites you are going to get qualified traffic as well as ranking whereas link farms or web logging won’t bring you any.

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